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If you want a place for quality deer processing in Madison, WI, contact Detjens Northern Trails. We accept boneless trimmings all year round for sausage making. Separate batches are available for your convenience. We also skin, cut, wrap, grind, and freeze your deer for $55.00 if we keep the hide.

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  • All deer will be tagged and kept separate
  • All deer will be boneless (We will not cut through spinal cords or bones)
  • All steaks, roast, and chops will be boneless
  • Separate saw available to cut off horns


We take great care in our custom deer processing. We thoroughly wash all carcasses before boning and hand wrapping each deer. You’re guaranteed your own boneless deer cuts back. All sausage meat is frozen from the day it arrives to keep it at its freshest until we are ready to process it into sausage.

Contact Detjens Northern Trails today at 920-261-7807 for all of your Madison, WI deer
processing needs.

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